Adam Sajkowski (b.1984) is a Canadian artist working primarily in photography. He has a BFA from Concordia University with interim studies at Academy of Fine Arts of Poznan (PL) and NSCAD University. He has shown work in Canada and internationally. He lives and works in Montréal where he exhibits with Raising Cattle gallery. He is also a graphic designer and creative director for Montréal design studio, Hotel Sport, he collaborates on various projects with artists, designers, curators, composers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and institutions.  

Adam Sajkowski is among the selected lens-based artists that received a special mention in occasion of our issue #11 call for projects, with the series "Enjoy Your Museum".

Comprising a mix of studio and re-purposed photography, Enjoy Your Museum, is a collection of photographs about the inherent flatness of photo-reproduction and the architecture of pictoral spaces. Referencing certain institutional genres of photography (archival/commercial) as well as photographic ephemera and presentation devices – the process of making these images deliberately unravels object-surface relationships of photographs through digital manipulation.

These pictures do not try to explain the way language does – instead, the images are meant to evoke a visceral visual reaction where something is not completely at ease in its object-space – the feeling of something amiss the result of a tampered photo-reality.