SPECTRUM – the new organisation of photography in Switzerland (formarly called ASIP – Association Suisse des institutions pour la photographie) and Photoforum Pasquart invited all photo institutions or organizations working with photography in Switzerland (museums, galleries, collections, archives, libraries, universities, etc.) to present a special, important, and exciting project in their program for 2018. 

All organizations and institutions that are registered at the portal “photography-in-switzerland.ch” will be invited to this event. The goal of this event is to strengthen the network in the field of photography and to promote an active dialogue about the diverse activities taking place in all parts of the country. The event is public and is aimed at all individuals and institutions that are interested in photography.

On the occasion YET magazine will be officially presenting the project related to the upcoming issue.

Event informations

Friday, December 8, 2016, from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Photoforum Pasquart in Biel/Bienne.