Originally from Philadelphia, Lexi currently lives and works San Francisco, California. 

An archivist by day, she is deeply interested in the role collection and history play in a photographic art practice, and these themes often are at the forefront of her work. 

Lexi received her BFA in Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2014. Her publications can be found via Oranbeg Press and Visual Studies Workshop. 

Figures 1-6:
I lived in Rochester for two and a half years before I understood what that meant. My grandmother, Lee Menter, left at the age of 18 and never returned. The location of their house is now occupied by a Coca-Cola factory.

Figures 8-9:

In a constant effort to learn more, I explored my mother’s house in Philadelphia for clues. I found her journal from when she was my age and still an artist. Reading it felt forbidden, but I took it home with me anyway. As I turned the pages, the ink stained my hands, the words embedding themselves on my flesh

Figure 13-14:

I had my DNA tested using a mail-order kit I bought on a website. For $99.90 I was sent a plastic tube to spit in. Six weeks later I received my results, which told me less than I already knew. 

(Figure 14):

The website creates a database of everyone who has used their service, and connects you with people that may be distant relatives. For weeks I’ve been receiving messages from people who aren’t my cousins.