Fabrizio Vatieri (Naples, 1982) lives and works in Milan. He is an artist and co-founder of Pelagica, he works as a photographer collaborating with several architecture and design magazines, he is also a member of the Op-Fot studio. 

An installation, a book, and a performance. These are the three elements through which Fabrizio Vatieri reflects on the distance between the working and social dimension of the individual and his intimate and spiritual interiority. The work as an archaeological find, an object of historical or documentary interest, brought to light during a systematic search or excavation. "Dominare Spiritualmente il Progresso" (To dominate spiritually the progress) is an oddity to the individual, a requiem to his dreams and his failures.

Vatieri's research starts from a reflection on "dominare spiritualmente il progresso: idee e riflessioni per i giovani d'oggi" (To dominate spiritually the progress: ideas and reflections for today's youth) a book by Giovanni Cavina, published in 1964, in the middle of the Italian economic boom, by the national palace of civilization of work. The body of work consist in 8 picture taken by the artist, 9 archive photographs from the 1960s and excerpts from Cavina's book. 
It is a multilayered project, that involve different media: photography, performative art, sound and installation. Giving birth to an exhibition and to an artist's book that include an essay by Ilaria Speri.

"Dominare Spiritualmente il Progresso" is currently exhibited at Nowhere Gallery, Milano till January 21st 2018.