Lola Guerrera, 1982,majored in Communication at the University of Malaga with a Master’s degree in Photography at EFTI International School. She has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Europe and Mexico, and has received several wards such as "Year in Review"Art Competition 2011 in NewYork, Discoveries PHE10, Biodiversity Foundation and “Caminos de Hierro”. Lola is currently represented by AstartéGallery in Madrid and VozGalerie in Paris.
Her photographs have been acquired by private institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Malaga, and have been published by prestigious magazines such as "Blink", the online edition of "WALLPAPER" and “RÉPONSESPHOTO”.

Analyzing photography as a light medium, Lola Guerrera investigates the light as a matter.  
As a matter in the sense of its physical laws, its interactions with the different everyday elements, that she collect and store in her workshop where she can observe and document the results of this playful experiments. Guerrera aim to see the different interactions of sunlight with the most diverse materials. Crystals, plastics, opaque, reflective, translucent surfaces. Shines, reflections ... all this phenomenas motivates her to generate images where the main compound is light in all its manifestations. 

In the words of the critic Laura Castillo:
"The Physics of Light is a way of relating the smallest and the absolute. Because borders always have two directions. In this project the work of Lola Guerrera decisively takes a new path. It is not a sudden movement, rather it is a smooth and progressive twist of the gaze. From the reflection on the ephemeral and the vulnerable is born a more introspective, more abstract and more investigating look. A search for the essentials. Taking as raw material the light returns to the origins, both philosophical and material."