Laurent Laporte is a french photographer based (as little as possible) in Paris. Having realized very early that he was devoid of any photogenic qualities, he decided to get behind the lens to avoid being in front of it.
He is passionate by documentaries and fashion. Traveling with his analog camera, trying to find anecdotic subjects like old surfers surfing together on a spot named Old Man’s in San Onofre, very young wrestlers in Senegal or more recently in Bali.

Sanur is a beach in Bali where you can see, if you look far during low tide, a lot of fishermen dressed in a very special way. They have large hats with baits boxes fixed on it, old and colorful life-jackets, strange wool hoods with fancy sunglasses on their noses to protect them of the sun. 

There is a surf spot after the coral barrier in Sanur and every morning I took a little boat with the guys of the small surf club on the beach to go there. I saw these fishermen right after my surf session with their magnificent style and I asked to the local founder of the club if I can shoot them. 

He told me that he will take care of it and to come back on sunday, because these fishermen are not professional, they are inhabitants of the city, they come here only during sundays and bank holidays. 

They are here for a fish named Baronang, they eat it fried like a chips, I had the pleasure to taste it and honestly it’s nothing special. After two shootings with them during the sunrise and the sunset, with water sometimes at the level of my neck, I think they are here to spend time together, side by side in the water, speaking, joking and competing about fishing.