This workshop will be based on a series of explorations into the area surrounding Andrea Grützner’s studio in Berlin-Schöneberg. The limit of the explorable area will be set at 30 min walking distance from the studio, located close to the trainstation Berlin Südkreuz.

We invite participants to interact with one specific narrative, place, person, group or idea within this area. The area in question is an odd point in between three of Berlin’s districts: Schöneberg, Tempelhof, and Kreuzberg. It includes mind-blowing landmarks with funky names like “Schwerbelastungskörper”.

We are fascinated by the interplay of memory and imagination, and by the way photography can shape places into speaking objects. Photography is meant to be the main medium used by participants, but we are also very interested in multidisciplinary approaches. We encourage people to make some research before the workshop, but we also believe in chance encounters and aimless wandering. The studio space will be always open to the explorers, who can use it as a place to gather stuff, order ideas, and make work.

Group sessions will be held every morning, and will include some food for thought provided by Andrea Grützner & Federico Clavarino. Participants will also receive collective feedback during evening sessions, in which the progress of every project will be discussed.
The results of the workshop will be exhibited within the studio space for one day.

Event informations

Workshop with Federico Clavarino & Andrea Grützner

August 31 – September 3, 2017
Thursday – Sunday, 10 am – 7 pm
Fee: 300 € | Limited to 12 participants
Language: English (Andrea also speaks German)
More information and application via