Every week for six weeks, YET magazine will be featuring a selection of the projects created by this year's participants of ISSP - International Summer School of Photography.
The works were developed within six different Masterclasses that took place from August 1st to 9th in Pelči, Latvia. 

Workshop No. 6 - A Crash Course in Photobook Making. From editing to design to production
By Alex Bocchetto (Akina Books) and Nico Baumgarten

Every photobook is a self-contained universe with its own set of rules. A series of photographs can be a starting point for the process of creating a book - editing, sequencing, design and choice of materials are all opportunities to add new layers of meaning to a body of work. During the genesis of a photobook, ambiguities and clashes, unexpected juxtapositions and riddles will emerge, revealing the pleasures and pains of visual language. Every single picture will gain a different meaning when placed in a broader perspective of the book as a whole.

The aim of this Crash Course was to build a dummy, covering all the steps of the process through knowledge, creativity and chance. Editing, sequencing, design, binding and printing techniques as well as marketing and funding tips were disclosed through a hands-on approach and case studies. Techniques of non-linear narrative, visual language and production were explored as a way to conceive the potential of a photographic project and re-imagine it in a new light.

List of Participants:

Abdi Yacine Benseddik (France)  
Alex Stoyanov (Ukraine)   
Anastasia Markelova (Russia)   
Andrejs Strokins (Latvia)   
Bahar Habibi (Canada)   
Bärbel Praun (Germany)   
Camilla Pongiglione (Italy)   
Ekaterina Anokhina (Russia)   
Flaminia Celata (Italy)   
Ieva Raudsepa (Latvia)   
Iona Sherwood (UK)   
Roman Drits (Latvia)   
Tatyana Palyga (Russia)