Every week for six weeks, YET magazine will be featuring a selection of the projects created by this year's participants of ISSP - International Summer School of Photography.
The works were developed within six different Masterclasses that took place from August 1st to 9th in Pelči, Latvia. 

Workshop No. 5 - Before Photography: A Study of Camera Obscura
By Takashi Homma

The phenomenon of Camera Obscura (or dark chamber), when the outside scenery is reflected in a dark room through a small hole, has been known since long before the invention of photography in 1827. It is considered one of the key inventions that led to the possibility of fixing the image as a photograph.
In modern times, our society seeks to avoid darkness, and we lack the chance to see an image in a dark room by accident. Going back to the beginnings of thinking about photography and its basic principles is an opportunity to explore and understand the creative practice.

For this reason, the workshop started with the experience of the camera obscura phenomenon, obtained by darkening an entire room. Then, each student created their own unique pinhole cameras, by using an empty box or a can. They also learnt how to transform their digital SLR camera into a pinhole with the help of a small hole in the lens cap. Finally, each of the participants created a series of photographs taken with their self-made or digital pinhole camera. The subjects reflected participants’ own interests and practice. The daily group gatherings and editing sessions were combined with a review of the work of important authors, including the tutor’s own.

List of Participants:

Aija Krodere (Latvia)   
Alexandra Soldatova (Belarus)  
Anu Tehver (Estonia)   
Elke Eichmann (Switzerland)  
Fidelia Regina Randmäe (Estonia)   
Ida Taavitsainen (Finland)   
Ingrid Gustafsson (Finland)   
Katrine Skovsgaard (Denmark)   
Mark Boyarsky (Russia)   
Paulina Stadnik (Russia)