Every week for six weeks, YET magazine will be featuring a selection of the projects created by this year's participants of ISSP - International Summer School of Photography.
The works were developed within six different Masterclasses that took place from August 1st to 9th in Pelči, Latvia. 

Workshop No. 4 - This is what I saw. Experiencing Landscape
By Alexander Gronsky 

How do we define a landscape? Is it something we can distance ourselves from? The lens inevitably puts us in the center of everything we see and thus makes observing a landscape a narcissistic act of observing oneself within it. It is only through such act that we can acquire what can be called a "personal view" and therefore a persona.

The workshop was committed to a broad definition of photography as a lens-based medium. The class used landscape as a starting point, a theme to be interpreted and expressed by a variety of artistic means. Participants were encouraged to interpret the subject any way they feel appropriate, and to explain their decisions and articulate their goals in discussion within the group. Though all students were expected to produce work, there were no real assignments. The decisions on the content and the tools to use were up to each student, while Gronsky offered his support at all stages of the process, seen as a joint effort to reflect on the core motifs of one's photographic practice.

List of Participants:

Andres Donadio (Colombia)   
Beata Stencel (Poland)   
Bojan Mrđenović (Croatia)   
Giovanni Nardelli (Italy)   
Joachim Bøgedal Jensen (Denmark)   
Lena Tsibizova (Russia)   
Maarten Boswijk (Netherlands)   
Malgorzata Bielecka (Poland)   
Martina Červenková Slovakia   
Michal Siarek (Poland)   
Michał Sierakowski (Poland)   
Mikhail Novitsky (Russia)
Mark Boyarsky (Russia)