Every week for six weeks, YET magazine will be featuring a selection of the projects created by this year's participants of ISSP - International Summer School of Photography.
The works were developed within six different Masterclasses that took place from August 1st to 9th in Pelči, Latvia. 

Workshop No. 3 - Human Nature
By Anna Fox, in cooperation with Andrew Bruce

This workshop is about telling tales; using photography to reveal stories about the local environment and community, and perhaps also reveal something about our human nature today.
During the workshop the students researched, exploreed and considered the relationships between humans and nature in the local area of Kuldīga. They sought out people who were willing to share their stories about the nature that surrounds them - from simple things such as walking the dog, to hunting or life as a farmer, or perhaps memorable tales about their first contact with nature (big or small) – all of them had a story to tell either from the past or from the present. The challenge was to collect these stories and then translate them into a visual interpretation, in a way creating modern local myths.

The participants discovered new ways of combining photography with other mediums and approaches with the aim of telling stories. At the end of the workshop the students and the master designed a book together that included all the work the participants had made. A book of modern-day myths, an assemblage of folk tales about the essence of human nature in KuldÄ«ga today.

List of Participants:

Alex Morvan (France)   
Alexander Mihalkovich (Belarus)   
Baiba Buceniece (Latvia)   
Bea Uhart (Belgium)
Celina Bordino (Argentina)   
Costanza De Rogatis (Venezuela)
Iwauko Murakami (Japan) 
Karlis Bergs (Latvia)   
Kumiko Motoki (Japan)   
Lauris Aizupietis (Latvia)   
Maria Baoli (Spain)   
Maxim Sarychau (Belarus)