Every week for six weeks, YET magazine will be featuring a selection of the projects created by this year's participants of ISSP - International Summer School of Photography.
The works were developed within six different Masterclasses that took place from August 1st to 9th in Pelči, Latvia. 

Workshop No. 2 - The Narrative Portrait
By Alessandra Sanguinetti 

When making a portrait, we have a rare opportunity to unabashedly gaze into someone else’s world – be it a loved one or a stranger – at times anonymously, at other times with the complicity of the portrayed. This workshop explored portraiture in its many forms, with an emphasis on the use of portraiture within a narrative. The participants were expected to engage with a subject in ways that could challenge their comfort levels and boundaries, with a sense of play and a willingness to experiment.

The first day of the workshop consisted of group portfolio reviews an overview of historical and contemporary portraiture. The class then discussed selection of a subject for the week, which consisted of shooting, editing, and discussing the work, including talking about approach and technique. By the end of the workshop, each participant had created a narrative portrait of their subject consisting of a collection of edited and sequenced images, and a notion of the ideal form of presentation for the work.

List of Participants:

Anastasia Shpilko (Russia)   
Bérangère Fromont (France)   
Nathalie Dallies (France)   
Federico Estol (Uruguay)   
Georgs Avetisjans (Latvia)   
Hayley Austin (UK)   
Marcin Plonka (Poland)   
Marijn Kuijper (Netherlands)   
Marta Berens (Poland) 
Mika Sperling (Germany)
Motonari Tagawa (Japan)
Olivier Brossard (France)   
Valerio Polici (Italy)