The International Photography Festival SAN JOSE FOTO 2018, aims to create a space for reflection, meeting and spreading of contemporary photographic production in the city of San José -Uruguay. The event invites thinkers, artists, teachers, producers and curators from all over the world to develop activities that compose an intense program during the three days of the festival: outdoor exhibitions, workshops, portfolio review, photobook fair, projections and community participation initiatives are the central actions of the festival. More than 3000 people visited the exhibitions last edition and more than 50 guests from different parts of the world attended it.

The festival allows a close and warm meeting between artists and the audience, seeking the constant interaction of photography with the public space and the citizens of San José. In our third edition, we are looking for talented artists of any nationality to present photographic and multimedia projects to become part of the main exhibition of the festival.

From an open perspective to all photographic practices SAN JOSE FOTO intends to explore different visual representations related to the theme "Links". Today there is a real concern about the different ways of linking human beings, a time of confusion where the borders between people, situations, experiences and even territories have been dissolved. A time without patterns, where the ways of connecting with the other have change at unprecedented speeds and technology seems to be the guiding force of behavior. We are functional individuals to community life and we walk our paths creating social, cultural, emotional, spiritual and fetishistic links with each other. However, virtuality advances against real experience, and interpersonal relationships lose frequency separating us from our body and our territory. We go through a moment where it becomes necessary to reflect on the ways of linking ourselves: What are the links that we value today? How do social behaviors change with technological interaction? How are the different generations linked to digital natives living with analogues? What are the connections that hold nations, communities and families together in the era of globalization? How do these relationships change depending on the environment in which they develop? How can these questions be answered through contemporary photography? In this international call we will make a selection of projects that investigate human links located in any real or virtual space of the planet. We want to know a wide range of visual stories that range from the human or intimate micro-stories of the human being, to even more complex narrations about the current behavior of our species in different social, cultural and technological scenarios; essays on the current interrelation of the inhabitants of the earth in emotional, spiritual, historical, identity, materialistic and attitude keys, towards nature.

The open call is wide open to the presentation of photographic series, as well as other artistic proposals, based on photography in intrinsic relation with other visual, sound and poetic arts, as a metaphor of the links that exist between all the different expressions of human connections.

An international jury and the curator of this edition Nicolás Janowski will evaluate all projects sent. A selection of artists will be develop to participate in the main exhibition.


PHmuseum - SAN JOSE FOTO award of 2000 US dollars to an author or collective of any nationality with the best project selected from the international open call. The winning project will be featured as "Story of the week" on the PHmuseum website. 

SAN JOSE FOTO award to an Uruguayan author or collective with the best project selected from the international call. The prize will be an education grant with the programme V.E.N (Ven. Entra. Narra) at EFTI international school (Madrid) valued at 3000 euros. The winning project will be featured on WHAT Foto Magazine website.

Event informations

Entries must be sent exclusively to the official e-mail of the festival:

Each project has a registration fee of 15 USD

An international jury composed by: Gisela Vola, Giuseppe Oliviero, Gabriela Rufener and the curator of this edition Nicolás Janowski will evaluate all projects sent. 

A pre-selection of artists will be develop to participate in the main exhibition. Up to 30 projects will be chosen to provide a reflective and deep vision of the theme “Links”, finally we will prioritize the curator’s decision to choose the projects that integrate the final exhibition of the festival.


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