Here is a selection from Adriana Bogdanova's portfolio.

Adriana Bogdanova is a photographer born in Slovakia, currently based in Amsterdam where she graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2008.

In her work she mostly uses images of the natural form such as animals, stones, gems and plants, trying to depict nature in a new and interesting way and to express its fascination by presenting the relationships between the world of nature and abstract concepts like geometry and color. By focusing on these particular relationships she is able to create conceptual and abstract notions.

She distances herself from the obvious associations and connotations that come with seeing animals, expressing aspects of the world in such a way that the viewer will be stimulated to consider alternative points of view other than the obvious stereotypes.

By creating a relationship between fauna and geometry with the help of the animals portrayed, illustrating colors, shades and shapes, she is playing with their identity, not only in reference to zoology.