Michael Valiquette was born in Upstate, NY, and currently lives in Clifton Park, NY. Michael received his BA from Siena College in 2014, and was awarded a Summer Session Scholarship from Skidmore College in 2013. Since graduation he has been an artist assistant to Terry Conrad in Round Lake, NY. He will be attending the VCU Summer Studio Program in Photography in Richmond, VA during the summer of 2018. Currently he is a teachers assistant in the art department at Skidmore College.

Michael Valiquette's intention is to reproduce a honest reality rather than creating a false one. He is capturing ephemeral moments and creating a still image that can be viewed for more than just an initial fleeting moment. These images are dealing with the fleeting relationship of how we interact with nature, artificially, and naturally. Each picture of nature is coupled with sense of loneliness and solitude, even with a subject in them. These images were taken throughout 2016 and 2017 all around northeast America.