Here is a selection from Helen Korpak's portfolio:

Helen Korpak is a photographer and writer sharing her time between Sweden and Finland. She has a master's degree in photography from Aalto university and has been working as a freelance art critic since 2011. Together with three other artists she runs the art space Kosminen in Helsinki, which has existed since 2016. She also works together with Swedish photographer Theo Elias under the moniker Elias Korpak, and publishes zines under the imprint HO books, which is a joint project with writer and artist Otso Harju.

"In hopeful or beautiful moments I take pictures on film. After the negatives are developed I put them away, often without looking through them properly. Months or years later I return to the photos. I look through some of them, and then I usually hide them away again. But eventually, some get shown. These photos are a few of those."