Alessio Costantino is photographer and videomaker currently based in Milan. Working on portraits, documentary and fashion, He focused his interest on specific topics such as the theme of the dream and the night, that has become his common thread. His photographs have been featured in Zeit Magazin, Purple Fashion. His work has been exhibited at Marsell Paradice Milan in January 2018.

Here is a selection from Alessio Costantino's portfolio, introduced by his artist's statement.

At the beginning of my path I’ve started to focus my interest in themes as the night and the dream, in fact in 2012 I’ve created my project ‘’askmeaboutdogs’’ that pursuit, with a raw aesthetic, what happens and what you can experiment during the night. My current work is concerning researches about invisible things and details of life that are insert in an imaginary where time and space don’t exist. Images with no time and no space could be placed everywhere and at any time, trying to show common stories of different people that becomes something universal. 

I have started to look at details and close crops when i’ve focused my eye only on the subjects. It was a  process of cropping for deleting part of the context that doesn’t interest me, arriving more close to the subject. The work with composition, shadows and light is very important for me to create new forms and shapes. I don’t like too much diffuse light because there are not shadows and everything becomes flat. Often without an hard light there will not be new forms and volumes created by light and shadows, so become something aseptical. I think if you want to give importance to light you have to show and consider the importance of shadows.

I’m also experimentig a lot with stratifications of different layers and using distortions, fragments, reflections, expecially in portraits, starting to compose with multiple ghost elements for create something not real but still real in the moment i’ve shooted, something that change your perception of things, as alchool or drugs, something that show you reality in a different way. Is it still reality?

I would love that  people approaching  my images and works as they’re looking at clouds in the sky, trying to take out from clouds images as forms, creatures, objects, stuff. My intent is to stimulate people to use imagination. In this place without dimensions the public is free to insert their time, their space, their experiences in order to create something universal but still personal and private.