Submission for Organ Vida Open Call are open from April 21st to May 28th 2016. Selection of works and proposals will be decided by the independent international festival jury. Shortlisted works of 10 finalists will be exhibited at Gallery Francuski paviljon and commended works of 10 artists will have screenings during the 8th Organ Vida — International Photography Festival, from 13th to 24th September 2016 in Zagreb. The festival will notify selected Open Call artists in early July 2016 through email, and the selected participants and works will be announced on the festival website in July 2016. 

Event informations

As part of this year’s theme Revelations we turn to the authors who in their photographic researches dismantle their own ways of seeing, who question experience and representation of authenticity and construction of visual truth. With the theme Revelations we infringe directly into the politics of views and we open questions about disciplining subjects but also of the viewer in whose view, expectations and reactions are written. With which intentions and with what language do we approach them?

Starting with the assumption that the viewers have the right to be informed on matters of public interest we are interested how through the medium of photography we face them with the unknown, unmarked and unspoken transformative and everyday experiences, personal and other people’s fates, social and intimate battles or life knowledge. The very act of disclosure is inextricably intertwined also with practices of separation, suppression, blinding, ignoring, hiding. To make visible it means to open space within photography that allows us to visualize the discovery but at the same time to comment our own abilities of viewing and recording of the same. Such a task involves taking control and responsibility over the production of identifiable image of an individual or a group and entails a discussion about the legitimacy of their own authority. When and how do we leave the safe position of the observer so we can shake the seemingly established authority?

Instead of striving to capture and store with the image true representations of seemingly authentic lived and / or recorded experience, the act of discovering represents an opportunity to dodge fixed meanings in the image and in the roles we assume. Equally so, micro experience of self-criticism, self-evaluation and laying bare allows us to speak about the invisible, excluded or repressed in the image. Whether the selected photographic language is familiar to the form of reports, confessions or manifest, we are interested in multiple views on the researched topic, open narratives and pluralism of representation. We invite interested authors to focus our attention on the personal interpretation of the process of discovery and how they recognize it, bring it to consciousness and document through their own photographic practice.