Ewa Doroszenko, from the series "The Promise of Sublime Words", 2016
Amy Li, from the series "00:00", 2015
Eui-Jip Hwang, from the series "Live Your Dream"
John MacLean, from the series "Outthinking the Rectangle", 2017
Hiro Tanaka, from the series "Around 42nd and 7th"
Annemarijn Vlinder, from the series "If A Tree Falls In A Forest", 2016

The call for projects for our upcoming issue (#11) was a unique opportunity to be part of a curatorial project which allows artists to connect with professionals in order to explore several forms of media interaction. 

We were honored to receive an incredible amount of submissions, and our editorial team enjoyed viewing and discussing all of them. The rich diversity and overall quality of the portfolios was striking, one of the reasons why our editors made sure to give all submissions the careful consideration they warrant.

We are thrilled to announce the six selected lens-based artists and winners of the call, their work 
will be part of the upcoming issue as well as some experimental projects we are developing. More to come soon!

Our heartfelt congratulations goes to:

Ewa Doroszenko (PL)

Amy Li (US)

Eui-Jip Hwang (KR)

John MacLean (GB)

Hiro Tanaka (JP)

Annemarijn Vlinder (NL)

A special mention goes to:

Matthew Swarts (US)

Patrycja Wojtas  (PL)

Adam Sajkowski (CA)

Emilio Nasser (MX)