The Family of No Man will be one of the main curatorial events at Arles Cosmos 2018. It will consist of an open call to female and inter-gender artists working in the medium of photography. The call will result to a series of outdoor & indoor installations and activities that will take place during the six days of the fair. The aim of this radical curatorial proposition is to revisit Edward Steichen’s original Family of Man exhibition (1955), which, in its time, was described “as one of the most ambitious undertakings in an art museum”. The Family of No Man will seek to replace the visual register of white male dominance inherent in the original project with an inclusive visual platform of how the world is seen today through non-male eyes.

All participants are guaranteed one image of the curators choice that will be included in the exhibition.

Event informations

Call open until 3rd June 2018

Juror information
Brad FEUERHELM (b. 1977, America) is a photography collector, artist, curator, dealer, and writer on photography. He has published several books on his work and has written for different magazines both in print and on-line. He is the Managing Editor of American Suburb X.

Natasha CHRISTIA (b. 1976, Greece) is an independent writer, curator and educator based in Barcelona. She is also a collection consultant and a dealer specialized in fine art photography and photobooks.