In this time of uncertainty, many photography festivals, fairs, and events have been cancelled or postponed and this is hugely impacting our colleagues who work independently.

This is why PHmuseum have decided to present a selection of the most exciting new photobooks published lately. It can be viewed as an Online Photobook Festival; a space where we can all support independent book shops, publishers, and authors. A simple gesture of ordering a book will not only enrich your library, but it will also mean a great deal for the publishers, designers, and photographers who have invested a lot of time in bringing these beautiful objects to life.

The full amount you pay will go directly to supporting them - PHmuseum won’t be taking any fees - while 10% will be donated to an organisation fighting to overcome the current global crisis. Hoping that soon again we will be enjoying the pleasure of flicking through the pages of a new publication while chatting under the sun or the sacral silence of a bookshop. Meanwhile, let’s give our small contribution to help our friends through these difficult times.