Qian Zhao is a photographer and artist, who was born in China and currently lives in San

Francisco. He has been a part of numerous exhibitions in Rome, Amsterdam,BeiJing, ShangHai,

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fort Collins and Portland. His work focuses on daily life. Today we

share his series Offcut, the edge

Zhao Qian, sees things a little differently. He has a wonderful view into what appears to be the mundane, but could also be a connection to another dimension.

The slightly off-kilter images are evocative of the old American tv show the Twilight Zone. With people seeming to appear out of mist, a floating shark, a glimpse into a dressing room, an unfinished meal on a park bench, plastic covered hills, a glowing building on a distant shore, all connect to something odd, but interesting. Asking the viewer to look again, to step closer, to investigate what might be there in that other dimension.

Zhao Qian, who hails from China, has an interesting view, a great eye, and wonderful sense of color that will no doubt grow in time. His capturing of the ordinary invoking something “other” somewhere else is a pleasure to view, demanding questions that may not be answered.

View his work with an open mind and smile, because you could now be in the twilight zone of Zhao’s world.