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Since August 2020 an Afghan refugee and a photo editor based in the Netherlands started the instagram project @now_you_see_me_moria aimed to bring international attention to the Moira Refugee Camp in Lesbos (Greece). 

Many of the stories were picked up by the media. But nothing has changed. In the meanwhile, visibility has been reduced to almost zero: journalists and photographers are not allowed to the new camp while NGO workers are instructed to not take pictures.

Visibility is key to invoking change. In a collaborative effort Now you see me Moria team wish to confront fellow citizens and politicians with the outcome of the failing European migration policy. Asking for change.

Making sure that none of us can look away anymore by making the stories of refugees more visible, Now You See Me Moira team invited European designers to create a series of posters based on the pictures taken by people in the camp. The final posters are available on where everybody is invited to download, print and share it, helping to increase awareness and bring international attention to the situation inside the Moria Camp.

Is there a better day for this than February 14, Valentine’s Day?

What You Can do?

  • Download the posters you like on, and print as many as you can. 
  • Put up as many posters as you can, on your home window, across towns, at schools, universities, cultural institutions.
  • Special call to people in cities with major EU institutions: Brussels, The Hague, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Frankfurt.

Let’s show that we care! And do so together, all across Europe, in 27 countries on Valentine’s Day, Feb14!