Born in Shiga, Japan. Lives in Paris. Arimasa Fukokawa moved to Paris in 2014 as the result of a photo journey. In 2015, met Claudine Doury and followed her several workshops. In 2016, held a solo exhibition, "Le Cycle", at Higashikawa Cultural Gallery in Japan. In the same year, took part in ISSP with Federico Clavarino and ISSP International Masterclass 2016-17 with Phillip Toledano. In 2018, his work “Triny” was exhibited at Riaperture Festival di Fotografia Ferrara. The work won Special Mention of Urbanautica Institute Awards in Italy and was selected as the best portfolios of International Photography Award Emergentes, Encontros da Imagem in Portugal. Arimasa Fukukawa exhibits his work “Triny” at Odesa Photo Days Festival 2019 in Ukraine.

The journey of the soul that continues indefinitely is filled with endless number of ends and beginnings. The old things are replaced with the new ones, these new ones will change to the old ones. Once you leave the confines of your own experience, you know that it is wrapped in a larger box and one's life ends before all the boxes are opened. There is nothing, then things that were not there unexpectedly materialise in front of our eyes and these things can also return to nothingness. Everything that has a beginning must also have an end, and this cycle will go on forever. These souls will rejoin each other in this world, continue traveling, inevitably breaking the each seal of these memories.

"Now Again" has been developed during ISSP Masterclass 2018/2019