The title New Existence comes from analytics data linked to my website. When sorting through the search terms that ultimately brought people to my site, New Existence repeatedly came up.

My work explores the potential for meaning within the banality of our modern landscape. I'm interested in the divide between an idealized vision of progress and the physical reality of the structures and objects left in its wake. In my work I tend to embrace blandness and uniformity as both a subject matter and an aesthetic value. Within a broader exploration of anonymous space, I use my work as a way of sorting through my ambivalence towards the ideals of order and perfection.
It felt like an appropriate encapsulation of the tone and motivations driving my work - the hope of a new life through technology and order. This series is made up of images of abandoned office equipment and surveillance devices, interrupted grids and cloudscapes - reflecting a conflicted relationship to the promises of modernism and the aesthetics of progress.