A nourishing workshop that invites participants to explore and translate something of themselves, through the composition of irregular still-life photographs. At the center of attention will be the research of materials, the analysis of their formal characteristics and the multiple possibilities of transformation and combination. The final phase will involve the participants in a display of the photographic images produced in the gallery's exhibition space.

Aimed at enthusiasts and image professionals curious to experiment with unconventional materials and learn new design methods.

Studio Fludd is an eclectic design team founded in Venice in 2008 by Matteo Baratto, Caterina Gabelli and Sara Maragotto which takes its name from Robert Fludd, an extraordinary alchemist of the 16th century. Offering a complete creative direction, the studio mixes the fields of visual arts, illustration, styling, illustration, conceptual development, creative education, exhibition and event design for both large and small scale projects initiated and on commission. With an eclectic and inexorably curious attitude, they mix visual analogies and conceptual reactions to offer harmonic and tailored design solutions.

Event informations

Maximum 10 participants
Subscribers will be notified a week before what type of materials to bring (eg simple case with stationery and packaged foods that meet certain characteristics).

Friday 31/05: 18.30 - 20.30 theoretical meeting
Saturday 01/06: 10.00 - 19.00 practical workshop

Via Luigi Mangiagalli 5, Milan


€ 160 (including membership card and lunch for Saturday)

Info and registrations: