Annick Ligtermoet was born 1983 in Putten, The Netherlands. Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland and in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Metsästäjän Unelma is a series of photos created in the North of Scandinavia. The title, Metsästäjän Unelma, is Finnish for "The Hunters Dream". The word metsästäjän comes from the word "metstä", meaning forest, and "metsästä", meaning "from the forest". With this in mind one could translate "metsästäjän" also into "man of the forest".

The photos are mainly shot in Finland and Lapland, places with the lowest population density in the European Union.

The winters in these regions are long, cold and dark, while the summers are short and have an excess of light. It seems as though due to the harsh living conditions, Finland has not cultivated itself as much as other European countries and the people stayed closer to nature than elsewhere.

Here loneliness is celebrated, not in a festive sense, but in a quiet and accepting sort of way.