Daria Prokofyeva is a Russian-born artist whose practice departs from photography and its (in)capacities, engaging with the transitional area between documentary and art, touching upon the questions of document, public history and memory. Daria studied photography at Brighton University (UK) and social science at EUSPB and RSUH (RU). selected exhibitions: Face to Face, Second Year Show, Brighton, UK, Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto, CAN, Photojournalists Faculty Group Show, RU; Lodz Fotofestiwal ShortlistPublications: FK Magazine LV, the telegraph, UK, DER GRIEF, DE .

The fisherman was looking in front of himself. He was listening to a small buzz in his left ear that was getting a bit stronger.  In his left ear the sound was getting lower now.

This noise from yet very recently followed him everywhere he went. It started after he tried to quit tranquilliser pills, which he had been taking for 11 years. As an unexpected and surprising side effect, his brain urging to get the missing trick back, began to produce a strangely composed album of noises, filling every corner where silence used to be.

From then on, the fisherman dreamt of no more than quietness. Those moments when he was not hearing anything but silence were the most desired ones. He tried to concentrate on the rod. He had no one to talk to. Only maybe to fish. But even that seemed unlikely this morning. Suddenly he felt a pull."It's definitely a catch!"

The series is about a fisherman, who lives a secluded life at the outskirts of St.Petersburg, loves poetry and music, runs a newspaper called ‘The Lucky Fishing’, and suffers from an anxiety disorder and a permanent ear noise.