Lena Kunz is a social documentary photographer living in Berlin. With an intimate and conscious photographic approach, she focusses on humans, that live in lifeworlds that are mostly hidden to us & sensitive personalities. She questions our limited view on people and society, and would like reveal acceptance and unity in to the world. 

As partners of Slideluck Editorial we followed the first global open call "Love me Tender" and we selected one body of work from the winners. Here it is the selected series "Artificial Reality" by Lena Kunz.

The series "Artificial Reality" by Lena Kunz focuses on individuals, mostly women, who own life-like baby dolls. The photographs show the boundaries and possibilities of affection and unanswered love. The artificiality and authenticity of the dolls make the women feel loving and caring, even as the babies are not able to respond to emotion. Owning a so-called "reborn baby" is an opportunity for the owner to regain control of their feelings, wishes, and needs. They can fulfill them with an unconventional way of healing, having made the decision to be happy. It is a little known, at first glance controversial, thought-provoking subject, which can elicit discomfort and inner conflict in the viewers, as they see how open and strong others handle their vulnerability. It’s the decision of every individual whom they love, if they accept the limit of others. To bring in a discussion of our perspectives on love and be confronted with the way of how others love can open our own limitations. 

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