17-18 MARCH 2018

Liège Photobook Festival is dedicated to showcasing current independent photography books. The programme comprises: a photobook market with about 30 international publishers; encounters with artists; talks by artist, portfolio reviews; the "Bring Your Photobook" self- published photobook award, projections, the Fusée de la motographie de Bruxelles...


The boat "Le Pays de Liège" moored near the Boverie museum will be the heart of the festival, hosting the book market and the bar. The Boverie museum will host the talks, the portfolio reviews and other activities.


Library Treasures: artists and publishers present the books that inspired them to small groups (books lent by the library of FOMU).
The Fusée de la motographie de Bruxelles: a unique personal, visual and haptic performance proposed by Recyclart.
Projection of works by the artists participating to the Saturady afternoon portfolio reviews during the party organised at the contemporary art centre Les Brasseurs.
The Belgian photography schools in the spotlight with a strong presence on the book market.

Liège Photobook Festival is an event dedicated to current independent photography books that will take place for the second time on 17 and 18 March 2018. The festival, which is the first and only of its kind in Belgium, will gather the best in independent photography publications to make them accessible to both new and seasoned audiences.

As with the first event in 2017, the festival will be organised as part of the BIP2018/Biennale de l'Image Possible, which will take place from 17 February until 1 April 2018 in Liège.


The photobook is the preferred medium of many photographers nowadays. While photobooks have always played an important role in photography, over the past fifteen years their popularity has increased rapidly. Thus, certain contemporary professionals now talk about the 'golden age' of photobooks.

As active contributors to the realm of photography and publishing, the organisers of the Liège Photobook Festival realised that although photography books are flourishing worldwide, no event existed in Belgium that that was exclusively dedicated to this medium. The organisers thus wished to collaborate with the BIP/Biennale de l'Image Possible to broaden the range of artistic media on offer to the public in Liège during the BIP by organising the first Belgian photobook festival.


The festival's primary goal is to showcase to the general public the dynamism and the publications
of publishers and photographers, particularly those from Belgium. In fact, many Belgian photobook publishers are internationally respected for the quality of their publications and Belgian distributors are known worldwide; however, they lack visibility in Belgium. The festival hopes to offer these players in particular a chance to display their work. Nevertheless, the organisers are also keen to encourage the participation of many foreign publishers in order to present varied points of view and practices. Lastly, their goal is to establish a new dynamic in Belgium within the growing realm of photography publication by creating an opportunity for exchange between different groups, be it among Belgian and foreign artists, or creators and the public at large.


Since BIP/Biennale de l'Image Possible is going back to its original location, the newly renovated
"La Boverie" museum, Liège Photobook Festival is moving too. The festival will take place in the beautiful "Parc de la Boverie", which is a bit pull for tourists and is located near the "Liège-Guillemins" railway station.

The boat "Le Pays de Liège" moored near the "La Boverie" museum will be the heart of the festival with the book market and the bar.

The "Boverie" museum will host the talks, debates, the portfolio reviews and other activities in addition to being the main exhibition space of the BIP/Biennale de l'Image Possible.
The "Bring Your Photobook" caravan will be installed in front of the museum.

Parc de La Boverie
4020 Liège




Photobook market

Sa. 17/03 13:00-20:00 & Su. 18/03 12:00-18:00 | Open to all
VENUE: boat "Le Pays de Liège"

The book market, in the form of display booths, will exhibit the publications of about 30 Belgian and international publishers and bookshops from more than 10 different countries. They will present a vast array of photobooks ranging from classic to digital publication, as well as handmade, conceptual and documentary books, and magazines, to name but a few. Visitors will thus have access to a
wide variety of photographic publications of different origins. Furthermore, publishers will have the opportunity to organise book signings by particular artists.

This year the festival gives the opportunity to the main Belgian photography schools to promote their former or current students' publishing works by putting for each school a table at disposal on the book market.

Talks and panels

Sa. 17/03 13:15-20:00 en su. 18/03 14.00-18.00 | Open to all
VENUE: auditorium of the Boverie museum
[in partnership with BIP]

This programme is dedicated to artists talks, encounters and debates with publishers, photographers, art historians, curators, etc. who will address the latest developments in photography and publishing. Many artists will make the public discover their work through their publications.

Library Treasures

With the Library Treasures sessions, artists and publishers present the books they love and inspired them to a small group of people in order to create a unique encounter and encourage exchanges. (books lent by the library of FOMU).
3 sessions in the programme with: Michel Mazzoni; Gaël turine and Chiqui Garcia; Emmanuel d'Autreppe and Olivier Cornil.

Panel discussion: The Belgian photobook

In line with the  rst edition, the Belgian photobook will once more be in focus and investigated with this panel discussion organised by Tamara Berghmans (FOMU). The guest speakers will be: Emmanuel d'Autreppe (Yellow Now editions), Annelies De Mey (photographer), Jurgen Maelfeyt (Art Paper Editions) and Stefan Vanthuyne (Belgian Platform for Photobooks).

Artists talks

Tine Guns: "Photobooks and Cinema"
Tine Guns focuses on the constant metamorphosis that we experience as human beings, and the inability to capture the fleeting reality. The influence of our memory on how we perceive images results in multiple perceptions and interpretations. Guns' work tries to open up our linear historiographical point of view by offering new combinations in her work, which mixes videos and books. She plays with and challenges the parameters of cinema & visual storytelling.

Mathieu Asselin: "Monsanto. A Photographic Investigation"
Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation is a unique documentary project led across Vietnam and
the United States during  ve years in which he provides a revealing portrait of the former and current practices of the chemical giant. The project has been awarded, among others, with the First Prize Paris Photo Aperture Foundation First Book Award (2017) and has been shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize (2018).

David De Beyter: "Big Bangers"
David De Beyter (FOAM Talent 2017), exhibited in the main exhibition of BIP, FLUO NOIR, with his project Big Bangers, will be discussing with Anne-Françoise Lesuisse (artistic director of BIP) about this underground car "crashers" community and his singular documentary vision between conceptual approach and impulsive capture.

Artist talk and projection

SMITH / "Spectrographies" (59', 2015)
To close the Saturday programme, a unique encounter with SMITH, the visual artist exhibited in the main exhibition of BIP, FLUO NOIR, who will give an artist talk followed by a unique projection of the  lm Spectrographies (59', 2015). Spectrographies is all at once a declaration of love, a science  ction  lm and a homage to ghosts. Don't miss this rendez-vous!

Full programme and schedule:

Visual art portfolio reviews

Sa. 17/03 11:00-16:00 | Registration required (deadline: 1st March)
VENUE: Boverie museum
[in partnership with BIP]

Visual artists (photographers, visual artists, video makers, artists practising digital art, etc.) have the opportunity to present their work in individual 20-minute sessions to Belgian and foreign professionals from the industry in order to receive feedback and advice. The readers include photographers, publishers, curators, gallery owners and critics.

Bring Your Photobook + dummy & self-published photobook award

Sa. 17/03 13:00-20:00 & Su. 18/03 12:00-18:00 | Open to all
VENUE: caravan "Bring Your Photobook"
[in collaboration with FOMU]

All photographers are invited to bring their dummy or self-published photobook and display it for free in the "Bring Your Photobook" caravan to share it with the public and the professionals during the festival. A professional jury from the eld will choose the winner who will win a presentation at FOMU in 2019. Announcement of the winner on 18/03 at 15:15.

Party and projections

Sa. 17/03 21:00-03:00 | Open to all (free entry)
VENUE: Les Brasseurs - contemporary art centre (rue du pont, 26/28 - 4000 Liège)

Each artist registered to the portfolio is invited to send a selection of images that will be projected during the party at Les Brasseurs contemporary art centre. This projection will alternate with a projection of international artists selected by Lens Culture.
Fusée de la motographie de Bruxelles

Su. 18/03 12:00-18:00 | Open to all
VENUE: Boverie museum
[in collaboration with Recyclart]

100 small doors in an installation with images from Belgian artists. A travelling museum in Duchamp's vein and his "Boîte-en-valise". A unique personal, visual and haptic performance.

BIP2018 exhibitions

All weekend | For schedule and pricing see BIP's website

The 11th edition of the Biennale de l'Image Possible takes place from 17 February until 1 April 2018. It comprises 8 exhibitions including FLUO NOIR at La Boverie, original and evolving artistic productions and a programme of events.

Full programme on
Food-truck & bar
All weekend


The festival attracts a broad and varied audience: BIP visitors; amateurs of photography, photography books and art; photographers, artists and professionals in photography, edition and contemporary art; art students (photography, graphics), book collectors; as well as the general public interested in visual culture.

Geographically the target audience is from Liège, Belgium and neighbouring countries (Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxemburg).


Christophe Collas
+32 499 40 16 66