Jonas Feige was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1988. He received a training in graphic design and visual communication in Hamburg and studied photography at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin, from wich he graduated in 2015. His graduation project Nacht auf der Sonne was one of the winning series of the 2015 Conscientious Portfolio Competition and is currently on show at Photobastei Zurich. He recently completed an artist residency with the ISSP Latvia, which was hosted as part of the European project »Flâneur – New Urban Narratives«.

Jonas Feige is living and working in Berlin.

Do you have in mind that particular feeling when "contemporary"/"post"/"young" photographers start to approach the world the way they feel without any apparent big influence by some sacred monster? Well, probably you do. But maybe here, Jonas Feige, is pushing a little bit more the boundaries, showing how a symbolic and poetic approach to the medium – and the subject of course – can generate a sort of philosophical essay on human nature and the meaning of existence itself.
You should just let yourself go when you approach this body of work and enter Feige' symbolism challenging yourself in trying not to lose your mind.
»Nacht auf der Sonne« (»Night On The Sun«) describes an illogical state of being. It is a poetic euphemism for the end of all things and the impossibility of our very own existence. The series invites the viewer into a parallel universe of cryptic symbolism. Its open-ended narrative attempts to illustrate a sentiment of anxiety and confusion that come with the fear of being confronted with the absurdity of one’s own existence. It is a personal exploration and a hint at a contemporary, collective feeling of uncertainty and estrangement.