Author: Federico Clavarino
Publisher: Witty Kiwi
Date: May 2018
Design: Paolo Berra
Text: François Couturier 
Price: 25€

48  Pages
19,5 x 28 cm
soft cover
black saddle stich binding
500 copies 

ISBN 978-88-941882-5-7 

Federico Clavarino is an Italian photographer and educator based in Lisbon and Madrid. His body of work “La Vertigine” was first published under book form in 2010 by Fiesta Ediciones but in May 2018 Italian publisher Witty Kiwi released a revised edition curated by graphic designer Paolo Berra.

With “Vertigine” (the Italian word for vertigo) we could define a vertiginous instant, that moment in which the illusion of a linear time is suspended in an arrest that, far from being decisive, is rather an hesitant, unbearable tension. All the images of the series are strongly connected, they speak intensely to each other, creating a dense dialogue that develop in a syncopated story: where characters and objects are tied  together by a collective imagination. Elements are stretched in an effort to reconstruct reality, but at the same time paralyzed in the tension of the fiction. In somehow everything in this work seems to collapse on the edge of things, on the white of the page. But our attention is constantly brought back to the images and we always find the way to stand firm in front of them again.