In this issue of YET magazine we want to give room to the process of Evolution through photography, conceived not only as a way to look back at the past and examine the present in order to understand where our concept of evolution has led us, but also try to figure out where it will bring us.
What we want to present is an investigation that starts from extremely different thematic areas and goes to form a framework, investigating how the photographic medium itself and the process of social evolution, referred to the human being, has evolved and what possible directions may have. An extensive key to understanding that can generate different interpretations, starting with an approach to contemporary photography, at times extremely personal, others analytical or reflective.
As Jakub S?wircz writes in On Evolution and Photography published in this issue, it may be concluded that photography evolution today doesn't have the task of investigating so much what has not yet been discovered, but rather to give a new interpretation to what already exists. It is from this concept that, both photography and the knowledge that it holds, engage in this process of evolution. As usual, the emphasis is on the lived experiences of each artist who, through its work, gives voice to what are its needs and beliefs. Issue after issue our proposal is based on the importance of the photo- graphic work as a starting point for the understanding of those who, through themselves and the emphasis they put on one or the other aspect to be observed, cast reflections and contribute to the constant creation of new visions, knowledge and social change.

In this issue we present the work of

Roberto Boccaccino, The Cool Couple, Matthieu Gafsou, Alexandra Hunts, Chris Maggio, Yann Mingard, Elisa Murcia Artengo, Jim Naughten, Jackie Nickerson,  Anna Or?owska, Reiner Riedler, Christiane Seiffert, Daisuke Yokota

As well as featured content about

The Photobook Museum, Yann Mingard, Penelope Umbrico, Fabio Barile, SEL � Boston, Hans Haacke and Ugo Mulas, Focus on: Evolution

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