We continue to observe and reflect, creating an ever-changing, ever more broad vision of things. In our publications, we continue to give you new content, introduce you to new artists and present to you photography series which have been receiving a lot of critical attention. We�ve also come into closer contact with the art world, by observing things which rise and evolve, by participating at exhibitions and international festivals, and by creating our own events to offer an outlook to artists who have or will collaborate with us.

In this issue we present the work of

Ying Ang, Valeria Cherchi, Gregory Collavini, Philippe Fragnière, Anthony Gerace, Cemil Batur Gökçeer, Bernhard Handick, Alessandro Imbriaco, Morvarid K, Margo Ovcharenko

As well as featured content about

Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Jillian Edelstein, Amber aka Bracket, Lugemik Publishing House