Cover image and all images in the gallery are by Linda Bolsakova (LV)

Workshop 3: Salvatore Vitale & Sarker Protick - The Narrative Impulse

In the era of so-called democratization of the media and the overabundance of visual content, it has become even more important to reflect on the motivation and method of telling a certain story. During the week, participants explored the most suitable strategies for presenting their projects and the varied possibilities of storytelling using a combination of media - images, text, sound and more.

List of participants:
Sophie Wright (UK/NL)
Matthew Smith (US)
Linda Bolsakova (LV)
Anne-Claire Dufour (FR)
Atahan Yilmaz (TR)
CĂ©line Gobillard (FR)
Darya Trofimova (RU)
Indre Urbonaite (LT/NL)
Joyce Cesario (PH)
Hikaru Hayashi (JP/DE)
Matthew Smith (US)
Sarah Walker (AUS)