Andrea Zonta, is a photographer based between Como and Milan (Italy). He graduated from Istituto Italiano di Fotografia in 2017, focusing mostly on fashion photography and personal projects, using analog photography as a medium for almost every work. His project “The beauty we've left behind” was exposed at Palazzo Marliani Cicogna during the European Photographic Festival in 2018.

Whenever I think about memory I don’t think about it as bright and clear recollections. It represents who we are, what we are and where we are from. Images, like sounds and smells make us go back in time, when our deep memory took shape. Finding out these moments is like looking into our past, being aware of ourselves and our history.

Dante Alighieri remarks that memory represents the body and the personality of every single human-being, Platone connects it to reminiscience. According to him, there are imprints in the wax of memory, that will re-emerge with an input from the outer world. All the pictures and the archive prints recall my past and my childhood.