Ksenia Sidorova works with photography and other media. She is based in Moscow, Russia, and studied at DocDocDoc School and FotoDepartament, in St Petersburg. She is currently studying at Contemporary Art Institute in Moscow. Her personal projects explores the causes of conscious or unconscious human behaviour and personality that exist within the framework of social and cultural attitudes. Her main interest  are topics related to social studies: social conventions, the relation between individual and the society; personal standards and expectations; control and rules violation.

Her work has been exhibited in international photo festivals such as Krakow Photomonth ShowOFF, Kassel Dummy Award,  Batumi PhotoDays. Her work has been published in some magazines and online media including FK Magazine (LV), FishEye Magazine (FRA), Colta.ru (RUS), Bird In Flight (UKR). 

Ksenia met K. a girl whose childhood could be usually considered difficult: an incomplete family, a lack of understanding from relatives and peers. Now her body is covered with tattoos and perhaps, even more since she saw her last time. "I hate you too" – is the sentence tattooed on K. forehead. 

Facing permanent misunderstandings, it is difficult for a person to break out of the vicious circle of forced alienation. External modifications are one of the methods to compensate for an inner conflict. The aggressive reaction of the society to what is considered different gives impetus for a new transformation. The need for consolation generates the idea of creating a new body. The process of "self-improvement" becomes endless.

This series presents photographs in which the author stages situations of misunderstanding and distortion arising in individual— society—inner world relationship: between concealment and deliberate demonstration, isolation and inclusion, family and solitude, the permanent and the temporary.