Griselda Duch is a photographer currently living and working in Barcelona. After completing the diploma in Tourism & Travel at the University of Barcelona, which allowed her to focus on photography and travel, she begins to work in the Arts & Culture fields. In a constant search for the experience of the new in order to catch it in an instant, she creates imagery across the genres of still life, landscape, and architectural photography. Her work, sort of a personal diary gives extreme importance on light and color, fundamental motor of her creativity. Griselda is actually working on personal and commissioned projects.

Griselda Duch introduces us to her series Balearica, where she captures a visual narrative story on Menorca, the second largest of the Balearic Islands: "Being in love with places I had never been and feeling an urge to explore, Balearica tries to transmit the mystery of the unknown and the unstable presence of the beauty."

Headlining the small details, including its touches of color, the photo series serves as a photographic ode to the many aesthetic elements of the Mediterranean island. With all the disconcerting feelings such as an overdosed wanderlust, all the featured photo landscapes, veiled by its pink, blue and purple hues, endeavor a deep and intimate scenery wrapped in peace and reconciliation.

Here we assist to an extent of what can define as "travel photography". Although the goal is in both cases to make beautiful pictures able to work as a memory, in this case we enjoy a specific, precise and researched aesthetic. Daring to live the journey you've always wanted, the pictures illustrate sceneries of neon tones, dazzling lights, turquoise backgrounds, all together subtly appealing a summer dream. Sunsets, sunbeams, orchids, cacti and succulents, and British influences in local architecture, are displayed on the series. Furthermore, remarking the presence of palm trees bathed by velvety skies that complete Balearica. 

Making a smart use of visual elements such as plastic signs and abstraction, Duch manages to transport the viewer into a dreamy path which, somehow, serves to well describe a the Mediterranean sea and the islands the populate it.