Kyra Kennedy (b.1993) is a recent graduate from MassArt and is based out of Boston, MA. Recently she received the Auction Foundation Award from MassArt and was featured on Fotofilmic ‘15 Shortlist. Kyra works in both film and digital mediums. Her work revolves around ideas of beauty, religion and family. 

 I am interested in the idealized and unrealistic expectations of beauty that are placed on a woman by her society and by her peers. In womanhood, we weave our public faces by strands of these expectations, but what I am interested in finding is when those strands snap. As we attempt to achieve the physical perfection that our super ego creates for us, there is a failure that must be accepted or even welcomed. For there is no logical way to believe fully in the fantasies that we create for ourselves, and I like to focus on the moment that my subjects realize that. In fact, the most beautiful moment to me is when my subject realizes that she indeed is wearing a ballgown in the kitchen.