Fred Lahache is a self-taught photographer based in Paris, France. His work consists of observations, landscapes, portraits, and his narratives tell stories in reportage and contemporary forms. He had a show Galerie Madé in 2013. Recently commissioned by LVMH, Urban Outfitters blog, he also contributed to Freunde von Freunden, Brownbook magazine and other editorials. 

Follow back the steps of someone who influenced you through his art, is a common starting point for many photographic series. What make the difference is for sure the language you choose to adopt, how deep is your bond with the story, how in depth goes your research. 
"Par les champs et par les grèves" is a body of work freely inspired by a Gustave Flaubert diary, that he wrote after visiting Brittany when he was young.  Fred Lahache visited this french region on Flaubert's exact footsteps, with the same wanderer's eye, a similar taste for the mundane rather than the popular attractions, and the will for a change of scenery and pace.