Programme of the 18th International Festival of Photography in ?ód? oscillates around the themes of spirituality, community and rituals, cognition and metaphysics, as well as the supernatural phenomena, ghosts and specters. This year’s edition, which takes place on June, 13 – 30, will fill every single corner of the city with a variety of events and activities encouraging its audience to visit almost thirty international exhibits and new formerly inaccessible locations.

This year, the duration of the festival stretches over three weeks and happens to coincide with the long weekend in June. While the previous edition focused on the human relation with nature, our upcoming programme ventures into the spiritual and supernatural. Why did we opt for the supernatural theme? This question is best answered by Franek Ammer, one of the festival curators:

The very definition of humans as species might in fact be predicated upon the sphere of spirituality and faith, which at least hold a seminal place in our lives. Nonetheless, something as ephemeral, invisible even, is incredibly difficult to capture. This year’s festival invites you to examine this universal quality of human existence through the prism of the European culture and artists’ own vision that utilizes not only photography, but also other art mediums to evoke the context of anthropology, psychology and exact science. 

The festival programme comprises eight solo shows and one group show that are divided into the three thematic sections. First of all, the festival unveils the projects related to spiritual communities, rituals and cultural roots of spirituality itself. Another section is devoted to the issue of scientific progress scouring for answers to metaphysical questions, to the rational approach to current spiritual exploration. Last but not least, selected art projects demonstrate attempts to convey the invisible and forge a connection with spirits through the creation of an image by the artists who adopt the role of intermediaries or alchemists of sorts.

Event informations


18th International Festival of Photography

13 – 30 June 2019

Lodz (PL)