Anett Posalaki was born in 1993, in Hungary. She completed her studies in Photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. After getting her BA degree, she moved to Berlin and worked in FKK Gallery. Currently living and working in Budapest.

People often fell in love with their destinations. Of course semi-permanent residency, like vacations, are something too weightless to be commensurable to reality. Everybody knows the phase: she sees things through rose-coloured spectacles. This was the case here as well, only the pink dreams what Florida promises, are mixed with the artists vision, with the center composed and unfrequented melancholy.

The situations captured by the artist, are not replicas of the reality, not even composed alternative dimensions, they are lucky segments of life, where everything found its perfect place. Where these little details become a manifesto of quietness, leaving a sense of what life should be. These moments are around us, surrounding us in every object, every building, every plant, every person.