Karim El Maktafi (Desenzano del Garda, Italy,1992) is an Italian-Moroccan photographer based in Milan.
His photographic research explores the concept of identity through documentary methods and portraiture.
In 2013 he graduated from the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan. He was selected for a scholarship at Fabrica in 2016 and between 2017-2018 he was mentored by the American photographer Maggie Steber (VII Agency). In 2018 he got the Magnum Photos scholarship with Alex Majoli. His work has been presented in exhibitions at the La Triennale, Milano, Museum in Der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Pavillon Populaire, Montpellier, Macro Testaccio Museum, Rome and others European photo festivals. His project "Hayati" won the PHMuseum 2017 Grant – New Generation Prize and was second Prize at the Kassel Dummy Award 2018.

Ninjas were “invisible warriors” following hard training. Years of special education and specific preparations. These teachings were the result of traditions handed down from master to student over the centuries. Ninjas often started their training path in their childhood and every aspiring ninja would study survival techniques in addition to the usual disciplines such as martial arts and use of weapons.

This ironic little guide, conceived as a manual instruction, will help everybody to become a real Ninja in a few moves, in order to fight the quarantine and survive the pandemic. 

The series was born for amusement during the strict Covid-19 lockdown in Italy. Karim El Maktafi tried to experiment and create something different in order to survive the long days forced at home.  The outcome is a purely ironic photo series, not to be taken too seriously.