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We are aware of the difficulties, both economic and of distribution, involved in the production of photobooks. That is why the Fiebre Photobook team is launching the third edition of Fiebre Dummy Award, with the aim of making the winning proposal into a photobook.


This year's edition is sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo, the co-edition by Dalpine, and the collaboration of La Troupe in the pre-press process and of Dinamo Visual Lab in the deliberation. Our purpose is to work with the best professionals in order to obtain the best possible result in the edition, production, pre-press, distribution and communication of the book.




The awarded project will be the subject of a photobook, published and distributed internationally in an edition of 500 copies.


· Artes Gráficas Palermo will be in charge of the production of the 500 copies print run.

· Dalpine will co-publish the book, distribute it and promote it among specialists, institutions, festivals and international specialized fairs.

· The final edition will be curated by publisher Sonia Berger from Dalpine and by Fosi Vegue, director of Dinamo Visual Lab.

• The pre-press will be carried out by Víctor Garrido of La Troupe.

• MOB will develop the communication strategy.




Participation Guidelines


Conditions of participation for each submitted body of work:

· Send a PDF of the dummy, 10Mb maximum

· Statement, 1,000 characters max. (around 300 words)

· URL of a video of the physical dummy

· Submission form of every copy

· CV, 300 words max.

· Participation fee: 20 euros per submitted copy

· Once the selection has been made, in order for us to make the final decision, the physical dummy of each of the 10 shortlisted works will have to be sent by mail.

· eMail: info@fiebrephotobook.com​




Submission form



Call Calendar


April 23: Opening of the call

June 26: Deadline at 11:59 p.m. CET

July: Announcement of the finalists

September 18: Announcement of the winner of the dummy award


Terms of participation


· Print run of 500 copies.

· Adjustment expenses for pre-press, printing, distribution management, promotion, presence in international festivals, bookstores and selected libraries will be charged to the


· The 10 finalists will cover the shipping costs of the selected dummies, which will become part of Fiebre Photobook's library.

· The author will be ultimately responsible for the copyright of the photographs appearing in the book and will allow the Festival to use them exclusively for the communication and marketing of the book and of the call.

· The author of the winning book will have to sign a contract of minimum commitments. If the winner does not accept it, the prize will be awarded to the next finalist.

· Photographs must be in optimal conditions for the printing of the book

· Fiebre will cover the cost of graphic design modifications of the final work, but not for all the book design.




Sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo

Co-edited with Dalpine

In collaboration with Dinamo Visual Lab and La Troupe

MOB production.