Marco Scozzaro is an Italian artist based in NYC, whose practice incorporates photography, video, music, and installation. He studied psychology at the University of Parma in Italy and photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he currently teaches. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows internationally, including Baxter St and Aperture, New York, Galleria Civica di Modena, Italy, Lishui Biennial, China, Galerie Villa Des Tourelles, Paris, and Unseen Amsterdam, among others. He has been awarded residencies and fellowships by the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Camera Club of New York and Bric, New York. Portfolio, reviews and assigned work have appeared in The New York Times, Wallpaper, GQ, Vice, Vogue, Der Greif, Artnet, and ArtReview, among others.

Digital Deli is a show about nothing. Ciao, entertainment, pizza, fluó, musica leggera, travel & leisure, kitsch, Rimini, Fiorucci, souvenir, snack, terrazzo, funtazia, technicolor, bambulè, passatempo, Sony Walkman, Acapulco, pro tools, euphoria, Phil Barney, pittoresco, QuadraVerb, boutique, soffritto, VHS, savoir faire, paninaro, Mirage, New York City, condominio, Rolex, Panavision, Simpatici & Antipatici, clam casino, Oysterquartz, tempo libero, Akai, personal computer, pour parler, Pamela Anderson, vetrocemento, liaison, frozen food, avant-garde, moviola, success, TDK D-90, hedonism, Chroma Polaris, Never Twice The Same Color, Zubaz, neon, Paradise Garage, fuchsia, Air Jordan VI, extravaganza, linoleum, al fresco, MIDI, random, Caprì, formica, lifestyle, pittoresco, post production, alla moda, sandwich, italo disco, Raphael De La Ghetto, terrazzo, Art Vandelay, Biturbo, savoir faire, LA Gear, luogo comune, home video, cattivo gusto, chroma key, cliché, opus incertum, charisma, Fellini, confidence, DX-7, flirt, Riccione, DVD, astroturf, Best Company, Testarossa, cinema veritée, RSVP, weekend postmoderno, ombrè, riviera, nuff said, pubblicità, MicroTac, Photoshop, habitat, plexiglass, chiaroscuro, Digital Performer, déjà vu, Lido Blu, Minidisk, chiaroscuro, Superstudio, Powell Peralta, démodé, panorama, Tom’s diner, smile, television.

In his ongoing visual research, Marco Scozzaro uses a different range of approaches to investigate displacement and identity related to mass media and consumer culture.

With his current project Digital Deli, he is interested in decoding the signs of the saturated and disorienting visual landscape, both in the physical world and the virtual space. He analyzes the image circulation and the stereotypical connotation of most of the current visual vernacular. He embraces possibilities and solves apparent dichotomies by deconstructing clashing elements and re-contextualizing them in new unexpected scenarios. Scozzaro creates multilayered images, sculptural compositions and videos sampling fragments of personal or collective memory and reconstructing them in new hybrid entities. He is engaged to the generic and the mundane, to relate with the current time and play with the inherent artifice of photography. Humor is one of the keys he uses to approach complexity and to deal with his conflicting ambivalence with pop culture.

Digital Deli is also a limited edition pamplet/poster edited by Silent Face