Anne-Sophie Stolz was born 1984 in a small german village near the mountains. After growing up in the countryside, she moved to Bielefeld (Germany) in 2005 to study photography and media at the University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Art and Design. After her graduation 2012 she moved back to the roots, did one semester in Media Art, as guest auditor, at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe.
Currently she is working as freelance photographer, based in Karlsruhe + studio in the grounds of the old slaughterhouse.
Her book Cuckoo Clock and Cherry Cake was shortlisted and shown during the Riga Photo Month 2014.

The project Cuckoo Clock and Cherry Cake is a photographic examination of a specific german holiday area, the Black Forest. 
A region that stands symbolically for pretty mountains, panorama views, picturesque villages – the perfect idyll. Here, the world seems to be still in order. 
Cliché-ridden, everywhere you see attempts to be a postcard. A place in which traditions are firmly anchored. 
In this project the aim was to shape a story about a region whose mysticism is apparently faded. 
The tourism industry, by using this mysticism, became the major source of income. But tourism has been changing, towards more exotic experiences. Who needs this kind of perfect world anymore?