Cortona On The Move will host many of the protagonists of international photography, from great masters to young talents, in a dense program of exhibitions, events, portfolio readings with renowned experts and a series of unpublished initiatives. Photographic exhibitions and events will animate the historic center of Cortona, the Tuscan town of art and culture, transforming it into a great stage of contemporary photography.

In the embrace of the ancient walls and in the charming atmosphere of unique locations, open to the public at the festival, visitors will be able to take a look at so many images and reflect on the present by discovering something more in the world around them and probably something of themselves .

Cortona On The Move is the international photography festival that, starting from the privileged position of the secular artistic and cultural tradition of the ancient Tuscan hills, looks around the world in search of new contemporary visions.

Life is made of movement; He must move the photograph further to the constant transformation and, like language and grammar, must evolve according to the spirit of the times to be the frank language accessible to all who has the task of informing and documenting, creating And provoke, excite and surprise.

Keeping in mind the past, Cortona On The Move was born to enhance the experimental tension that leads to the future, appreciates all the languages ​​and works on contemporary photography, recognizing also the value in the flexibility of codes and content, which are both causes and effects Of the movement.

And he is thinking of the movement that is born of "On The Move," a faithful portrait of the will to continue moving, looking and looking, asking and listening, to keep an eye on the world, and to feel all the sensations that can be experienced by observing it: Amazement at contemplation, from sadness to joy, and its eternal unpredictability.

Cortona On The Move wants to be the dynamic center of contemporary photography for visual narrators, lovers of knowledge and emotional seekers, giving space to all voices and all the visions that can open their minds, telling stories that can transform And reflect.

The Cortona On The Move International Photography Festival was born in 2011 from an idea of ​​the ONTHEMOVE Cultural Association.

From the first edition, the works of the most important photographers of the world come to Cortona and thanks to its strong international vocation, the festival attracts the attention of many great professionals in the field.

In the first edition, the festival hosts 16 photographic exhibitions set up in valuable historic buildings, inaccessible and abandoned, which are finally reopened and returned to citizenship and visitors as extraordinary venues for exhibitions.

Since 2012, the artistic direction of the festival is entrusted to Arianna Rinaldo.

In 2013, Time puts the festival in the lead of the ten unforseen appointments. The following year, Donald Winslow, photo journalist and editor of News Photographer Magazine, defines Cortona On The Move as "the best festival in Europe except the world".

Year after year, the quality and quantity of content increases with the number of visitors.

The festival has become a point of reference not only for professional photographers and amateur photographers, but also for a large national and international audience, among which, increasingly, young college students and colleges.

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