Wiktor Malinowski is a self-taught Photographer, Graphic Designer and Art Director that is currently living and working in Warsaw.Observer obsessed in his search for visual phenomena. Once mistakenly studied Economics.

“Bodies and souls” is a visual documentary of my nearly month-long trip to Thailand.

While portraying streets and nature I’m looking for a graphic relation between light and shadow, stories and universal truths that are composed specially for me. While shooting this portrait project I’ve decide to push my own boundaries by starting to ask strangers on the street for a permission to portray them.

Thai people are open, honest and I’m jealous how easily they appreciate the smallest joy of living. Every single person that I’ve asked said “yes” as an answer. I’m used to spend at least 2 hours with my subjects in the studio before I start to take pictures that are capturing the essence of a personality, those tiny glimpses of a soul.

On the streets of Thailand, during those 5 seconds that they gave me, I was surprised that in the viewfinder I was always able to see what I was looking for.