Mónica Sánchez, photographer and architect by Escuela Técnica de Arquitectura of Barcelona. Founded by the Department of Architecture Project of ETSAB, she becomes part of the editorial department of DPA magazine. Her professional career has brought her to collaborate with different projects such as remodelling Sant Manel pavilion in Sant Pau or the buildings in the Forum Leisure Port. In 2004 she cofounds Pi4 Arquitectes, where she develops projects both in the private and public sector, as instance the Judicial Building in Igualada. She has published in different national and international architecture magazines and she won the prize at esidencia Singular del Consejo Superior de Arquitectos de España and a honourable mention in el Europan10 Copenhague. Now, she is part of Widephoto, a platform that offers a training, exchange and debate programme regarding renewal proposals of the field of contemporary photography.

Bego Anton was born in Bilbao, in 1983. She studied journalism at the University of the Basque Country and specialized in documentary photography in Barcelona. Her photographic work usually explores the contradictory relationships humans have with nature and animals. She also shows particular interest in the small groups that seem strange to a part of society.

Her work has been published in Le Monde, CNN Photos, The British Journal of Photography, Vision Magazine, Stand Quarterly and Pretty Good Summer, among others. She has exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, in PhotoEspaña 2014 as part of P2P Contemporary Practice in Spanish Photography, Begira Photo Festival and in Post‐Arte, part of Festival Miradas de Mujeres. 

BigHeads is formed by Bego Antón and Mónica Sánchez. Our project begins taking a picture of ourselves in 2D. Then, thanks to the 3D technology that the Internet offers us, we create a new self of ourselves in paper, that we then 

blend and stick to create a big paper head. We use this huge 3D paper version of ourselves in the physical world thanks to a design we created in the digital world. We exist in a new photographic dimension.

We explore the construction of a contemporary identity making use of postphotographic practises. We consider we are in the era of postphotography so it’s vital for us to apply our practise to the Internet and online world. But at the same time, the hop back and forth across the analog and digital because we shoot film. Both universes coexist. 

We work with some kind of analog photoshop.

We made use of intuition, improvisation and game. We based the way we photographed in these words by Bob Black: “(...) we should create a new way of life based on play; in other words, a ludic conviviality, commensality, and maybe even art. There is more to play than child's play, as worthy as that is. I call for a collective adventure in generalized joy and freely interdependent exuberance “. We used our big paper heads in our daily life; we carried them everywhere and used it as if it was our real self. We did no have a greater goal than playing with it in a sporadic way. It was us, in our environment, but out of scale.