Anka Gregorczyk is a visual artist and freelance architectural photographer based in Poland. Member of the The Association of Polish Art Photographers and former member of the Association of
Polish Architects. As urban planner she is focused on modern urban and manufactured landscape and visual reinterpretation of human space. Recently she works on the project about space industry movement in Poland.  She is a founder of FOTSPOT Association and owner of the gallery CENTRALA in Pozna?. 
articipant of the ISSP Masterclass 2018/2019 under the supervision of Peter Bialobrzeski and scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region in the field of visual arts. Currently she is a student of Master's studies in photography at the University of Arts in Pozna?.

We are entering new Space Era with dreams of brave new worlds and discoveries. The first Space Race was a series of marvelous scientific breakthroughs and a battle between two superpowers and their propagandas. 50 years later, much more technologically advanced and with new verve, the space race starts again. What really stands behind this effort? Is it just a basic human need to expand? Or is it something more? Every aspect of human knowledge and activity can become a part of the future expanse. We don't hesitate if the Moon or Mars are ready for colonization anymore - we just plan to go there. 'BEYOND' is about the dream, people and spirit that stand behind them in Poland. It is also about social change and scientific longing for Cosmos.